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The world’s first project tokenizing the
telemedicine industry

The token is issued by the International Accelerator Of Telemedicine Technologies – the winner of the Finance World Expo Zug Zummit 2019 and the creator of the project’s flagship software – MediHash.

See how artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will revolutionize the global telemedicine market!

Our institutional partners and team

Meet our team of professionals!

Adam Mucha


The originator of the project, president of the Polish Institute of Medical Expertise, president of the Center of Technological and Social Initiatives
Meet our team of professionals!

Karol Gurtat


Co-founder of the project. Co-founder of the Polish Institute of Medical Expertise. Vice President and general director of Compensatory Chancellery Amicus Ltd.
Meet our team of professionals!

MD, PhD Wojciech Glinkowski

Vice President

Professor of Medical Sciences. Responsible for in the project coordinating research work on telemedicine solutions.
Meet our team of professionals!

MD, PhD Roman Kowal


Doctor of Medical Sciences. Responsible for coordinating in the project research work on telemedicine solutions.
Meet our team of professionals!

MD, PhD Ewa Kłodzińska


Ewa Kłodzińska, holds a PhD and habilitation from Nicolaus Copernicus University, Faculty of Chemistry in Torun, Poland. Dr. Ewa Kłodzińska is a member of editorial board of ISRN Analytical Chemistry and the International Journal of Chemoinformatics and Chemical Engineering (IJCCE).
Meet our team of professionals!

MD, PhD Zbigniew Kotwica


Responsible for in the project supervising research on neural networks. Doctor habilitated medicine, associate professor of the University Technology and Humanities.
Meet our team of professionals!

MD, PhD Ela Kowal


In the project responsible for coordinating research related to therapy behavioral.
Meet our team of professionals!

Michał Klima


Experienced attorney-at-law with experience in managing the work of corporate lawyers. Responsible for legal aspects.
Meet our team of professionals!

Dagmara Kołsut

PR Director

Responsible for public relations and in the project contacts with the media. Member of the board of the Amicus Legal Aid Foundation.
Meet our team of professionals!

Monika Kaczmarzyk

Accounting Officer

Member of the Accountants Association in Poland. European Funds Specialist. Project chief accountant.
Meet our team of professionals!

Dawid Kustra


Dawid Kustra was the Managing Director for 5 years, Foreign Markets Department at IDMSA - listed on the stock exchange and one of the largest investment banking brokerage houses in Poland.
Meet our team of professionals!

Łukasz Paszkiewicz


Łukasz Paszkiewicz - Łukasz Paszkiewicz graduated in law and at the University of Warsaw and the Center for Studies American at the University of Florida, Levin College of Law. In 2001 won the Vontobel award and was a scholarship holder of Vontobel Bank AG in Zurich.
By adding liquidity you’ll earn 0.25% of all trades on this pair proportional to your share of the pool. Fees are added to the pool, accrue in real time and can be claimed by withdrawing your liquidity.

Modern business and technological model

MediHash is one of the applications that will be distributed by the Accelerator. Its purpose is immediate registration with a doctor, the use of artificial intelligence for diagnostic purposes and blockchain technology to secure data. MediHash is not the only planned Accelerator application. Thanks to an innovative business model, the accelerator implements a unique Bounty program, thanks to which, in return for an MDH token, it receives the copyrights to programs and source codes. The MDH token also has attractive features for potential investors, such as the adaptation of deposits and lock-ups to prevent the collapse of the exchange rate. We invite you to read the Whitepaper document.


The solution that will introduce the telemedicine market into a new era. A comprehensive platform integrated with the network in blockchain technology enabling unlimited and decentralized information exchange between patients and medical entities. Adapted artificial intelligence also creates an independent, estimated diagnosis of the potential risk of developing the disease based on the obtained anonymous data. Application it will also be used in mobile therapy behavioral developed thanks to the obtained co-financing from the EU.
Use of blockchain technology for information security purposes
Support for diagnostics with the use of artificial intelligence
Convenience and flexibility thanks to mobile technologies in medicine


Telemedicoin concept
Adapting the telemedicoin concept to the project
deposits and submission of applications for co-financing of works research under the Innovation Vouchers.
Application tests
Release of some solutions on the market
Telemedicine Accelerator. Implementation of application tests
MediHash in conditions similar to real ones.
Conclusion of consortium agreements with scientific partners
and institutional.
Token Pre-sale
Organization of MDH presale for investors.
Issue of MDH tokens on DEX
Issue of tokens, acquiring private investors, cooperation with venture funds.

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